Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Europe's Shame

I can just about forgive the disinterest of the US in the events in Moldova. Jaded with the responsibility of being the world's policemen and beset with its own problems, it understandably sees the troubles in Chisinau as something to be delegated to its allies in the European Union. It's on their continent, after all.

Europe's reaction (to date) has, however been so tepid it makes dishwater look appetising. From those who are in the pay of the Russians to those who are simply afraid of them, it is a litany of shame.

Shame on the OSCE for 'positively' appraising the election results even when a full description of the fraud can be found buried deep within their own monitoring report.

Shame on the EU's external relations commissioner, Benito Ferrero-Waldner, for relying on the OSCE's work and also issuing a 'positive' assessment, without investigating the facts for herself.

Shame on Kalman Miszei, the EU's representative in Moldova, for claiming that 'national reconciliation' could only come about if the opposition accepted the April 5th results, and allowed the Communists to continue their reign of terror for another four years.

Shame on Russian President Dimitry Medvedev, who is more interested in a flag than in the suffering of hundreds of young people locked up 18-to-a-cell in Moldova's jails.

Shame on Ukrainian President Victor Iusenko, for extraditing Gabriel Stati back to Moldova to face trumped up charges.

Shame on the leaders of EU member states for maintaining an unforgivable silence in the face of the beatings, sexual abuse and killings of Moldova's young people by their government and police force.

Shame on the European Union for inviting the Moldovan communists, hands stained with blood, to the Eastern partnership launch.

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