Thursday, April 30, 2009

Russia v Romania

I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the role of the two main international protagonists in the events currently unfolding in Chisinau. Let's try to restrict ourselves to facts rather than allegations


1. No proof of any sort has been offered which connects Romania to the violence of April 7.

2. While Romania has streamlined citizenship application processes for Moldovans who lost their citizenship due to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, this is a right which already existed. No new citizenship rights have been created.

3. Romania has criticised the Moldovan government for its unjustified expulsion of the Romanian ambassador and for its refusal to accept a new ambassador.

4. Romania has also criticised the Moldovan government for its severe human rights abuses following the April 5th election. These abuses have been confirmed by the UN, the OSCE, the COE and the EU.


1. Russia continues to undermine Moldova's statehood through its occupation of Transnistria and support for the regime there.

2. Transnistrian security forces participated in the human rights abuses that followed the election.

3. Russia explicitly intervened in Moldova's electoral process by having Medvedev and Lavrov appear alongside the communist leadership in the lead-up to the polls. No such publicity was extended to the opposition.

4. Russia continues to blame Romania for instigating the crisis, in the complete absence of any proof.

5. Russia has failed completely to recognise human rights abuses by the Moldovan authorities.

6. Russian television channels retransmitted in Moldova have been highly supportive of the communists and highly critical of the opposition.

7. Despite criticising the use of a foreign national symbol (the Romanian flag), the Russian embassy is to distribute in Moldova 30,000 'St. George' ribbons, symbols of Russia's military might.


Romania has taken a very disciplined approach to the events in Moldova, seeking the best outcome for the Moldovan people. Russia has sought to pervert Moldovan democracy at every step and re-russify the country.

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