Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crocodile Tears for Moldova

Russian president Dmitri Medvedev has once again repeated his concern that Romania is actively undermining Moldova's sovereignty. Without providing any evidence whatsoever, he has repeated his earlier claim that Romanian secret services were behind the April 7th violence. He has extrapolated Romanian president Basescu's rejection of a new treaty with Chisinau into an intention to violate Moldova's borders. He has called on the European Union to impose economic sanctions on Romania for its bad behaviour (yes, really!)

Medvedev's sudden burst of concern for Moldova's sovereignty is touching, however before reacting, the EU should consider the following:

1. One country has, for the last 20 years, supported a separatist regime on Moldova's soil.
2. The same country has maintained occupying forces on Moldovan territory despite a treaty commitment to withdraw.
3. The same country, at last year's summit described the Ukraine as 'not really a country'
4. The same country waged a short war on Georgian territory last year with the stated aim of dismembering the country.

That country is not Romania (which has actually behaved well under considerable intimidation). It is, in fact, the Russian Federation. The real threat to Moldova's sovereignty comes not from Bucuresti, but Moscow, and it is against Russia that the EU should consider imposing sanctions.

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