Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Some people to watch out for and avoid:

Vlad Socor. A Romanian with links to the PPCD and PCRM. Issues articles through the 'Jamestown Foundation', an otherwise useful American organisation that unfortunately hasn't yet caught on to the fact that Socor is a mole for the Russians. For example, his latest article subtly denigrates the Moldovan opposition, implying that they are just sore losers, and completely ignoring the massive evidence of vote fraud. Socor tends to be quoted by pro-PCRM news agencies in Moldova in the capacity of 'respected western analyst'. In my view he is not respected, nor is he western in his values and decent unbiased analysis is nowhere to be seen in his work.

The 'Omega' and 'Noutati Moldova' news agencies. Known for their proximity to the PCRM they have recently been excelling themselves in the art of turning inconvenient truth into slanderous propaganda. A good example of this was a report issued to NATO's parliamentary assembly. If you read the full report ( you will see that it describes the situation in Moldova fairly, and repeats many of the demands made of the Moldovan government by the Council of Europe and the European Parliament.

The document contained a single unfortunate (and not entirely correct) sentence however: "On the whole, the election confirmed the dominance of the CPMR and the opposition’s inability to present a united front and offer a credible alternative." This statement was then twisted by Omega and Noutati Moldova into news stories which made no mention of the admonishments issued to the Moldovan government by NATO.

My guess is that by 'dominance' the writer was commenting on the fact that the PCRM is the single largest party in terms of voter support - nothing new here, even the opposition would recognise that. In commenting on the opposition's inability to offer a credible alternative the writer was no doubt referring to the pre-election period, when there was a multiplicity of opposition parties pushing all sorts of barrows and completely confusing the electorate.

Since the election however, the smaller parties have fallen by the wayside and the three parties that remain have shown themselves to be strong, united, principled and ready to assume the reigns of government. I believe that will be proved beyond doubt in tomorrow's vote.

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