Monday, May 11, 2009

An Open Letter to the PCRM

During the pre & post electoral periods your party has covered itself in shame. You have undermined democracy through your manipulation of the media and your rigging of the election. Through the deaths, rapes and beatings of the April 7 protesters, the PCRM has become the face of human rights abuses in Eastern Europe. The older generation of Moldovans fears you. The younger generation hates you with an intensity never before seen in Moldova.

Tomorrow in Parliament you will make at least one important decision - the election of the speaker. You have two choices:

#1 You can continue to govern as an illegitimate, totalitarian regime, using the security services to enforce your will on the Moldovan people. In the very short term this will preserve your power Longer term, it will lead to your destruction, as economic collapse and political repression combine to trigger violent revolution. Your names will go down in history alongside the likes of Milosevich & Karadich.

#2 You can begin the slow process of repairing the damage you have done and rehabilitating yourself as a political force that, in a fully democratic manner, truly represents the left of Moldovan politics.

All you need to do under option 1 is elect Vladimir Voronin as speaker. He will ensure that Moldovan democracy continues its downward spiral as he and his clan continue to loot the country.

Option 2 is more complex. First of all, you need to dump the old man. Find youself a speaker who is moderate, democratic, pro-European and able to build bridges to the opposition and civil society.

Next you need to implicitly recognise the falsification of April's election by acceding to fresh elections in August. Don't try to buy a presidential vote from the Opposition. You also need to ensure that these elections will be fair by allowing independent review of the electoral process and by freeing TRM from your control.

If there is media freedom, you will lose the elections and move into opposition. Don't view this as a crisis but as an opportunity to reinvent yoursleves as a modern social-democratic party under new leadership. After, several years of good behaviour, the people of Moldova may be prepared to trust you once again.

Under the first option, the only support you will receive is from Russia (and that only as long as her reserves hold out). Under the second option, the EU stands ready and willing to assist the country in its transition to a true democracy with a strong economy.

Your choice.

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