Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Parliament's First Law

The opposition was in fine form at today's parliamentary session. They should keep up the pressure on the communists by proposing the following law / resolutions for debate, prior to the (attempted) election of a new President of the Republic.

A Law to Implement the May 7th Resolution of the European Parliament.


1. Each political party represented in Parliament shall be allocated 10 minutes every day on public radio and television to present its view of news and current affairs in the republic of Moldova.

2. TRM shall be placed under the journalistic direction of the BBC for the next six months, to ensure fair coverage of events and to improve the quality of journalism at the public broadcaster.

3. The police and security services are instructed to allow the unfettered functioning of all media institutions and their staff. They must not disrupt electronic media, harass journalists or conduct spurious investigations of media organisations.


4. A commission of enquiry shall be formed consisting of one representative of each political party represented in Parliament under the chairmanship of the European Union. The commission shall be charged with investigating the causes of the violence that lead to the vandalism of state institutions, as well as the actions of the security services in response to the violence.

5. The interior minister is suspended from his function pending the outcome of the investigation. The interior ministry is to be placed under EU supervision for a period of six months to improve the professionalism of the police and scurity services.

6. The EU is requested to lead specific investigations into all alleged cases of murder, rape and beatings in Police custody, as well as into alleged cases of detention for political reasons.


7. This parliament issues an unconditional apology to the Republic of Romania for unfounded accusations made against that state by the President of Moldova.

8. Romania is requested to send an ambassador to take up the vacant post in Chisinau

9. This Parliament reinstates the accord reached with the European Union under which all EU citizens (including Romanians) are able to enter the country visa-free.


10. Electoral law is hereby modified to allow postal voting by eligible citizens resident overseas. The Department of Information Development is requested to implement such a system by the end of July, and the European Union is requested to provide assistance in this endeavour.

11. Parties which do not reach the 6% hurdle are entitled to transfer their votes to parties which have entered parliament. Parties must publish their intentions in this regard one month prior to the election date.

12. The Central Election Commission and the Ministry for Information Development are instructed to contract a big-four accounting firm to oversee a thorough audit of electoral roles and ID documents on issue, such review to be completed (and recommendations implemented) by the end of July.

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