Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Russia attacks Moldova's Statehood

Russia has today revealed one of its key ambitions in Moldova. Ambassador Valeri Kuzmin has requested that Russian be made an official language. This request is completely unacceptable, for the following reasons:

1. Only 5.6% of the population of Moldova is Russian, and they have had twenty good years in which they could have and should have learned Romanian. Note that there are similar percentages of Ukrainians and Gagauz, who actually have a stronger claim to 'indigenous' status, having lived in Moldova for centuries.

2. The officialisation of Russian will lead to the death of the Romanian language on part of its native soil. Romanian is barely hanging on as it is in Moldova, due to the massive cultural bombardment by Russian media outlets and the PCRM's predilection for the language. This would be an act of cultural vandalism with which the EU should interest itself greatly.

3. It's unconstitutional - Moldova's state language is established as Romanian under the country's basic law. It is a gross interference in Moldova's internal affairs for Russia to require a change in Moldova's constitution. In fact, it's exactly the sort of "attack on Moldova's statehood' that Russia has been accusing Romania of orchestrating (without any evidence of course).

4. If Russia wants Moldova to make the language of a small minority official, it should first lead by example and make the languages of its minorities official and full equal with Russian. Duma deputies should be able to speak in Chechen or Tatar, should they so wish...

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  1. Zimbru, maybe the Russians are having the same big problem like us: too many people became rich too fast, and they are doing politcs. I mean, there is a strong politico-economical mafia in Russia and Putin is just trying to limit their influence. This is what I fell. And as long as the Russian people is backing his politics we have to believe that he is right. The common people is not stupid anywhere.
    Think at how long and painful was the reform in Romania, think at how stupidly out moguls are interfering in politics ...
    At the recent EU-Russia summit I didn't notice any political bias in the way the Russian talk.
    For me, the mess in this region is caused by the frontiers traced by Stalin. Ukraine is the problem, not Russia. It looks like Ukrainians are not able to negociate the truth with anybody.
    As about Kuzmin ... maybe he just plays with Voronin :) Politics are a game, you know.