Sunday, May 17, 2009

True Friends

Eurovision 2009 has been and gone, with it's usual mix of kitsch, colour and melodramatics. Aside from the music, an aspect of the competition that interests me is the voting patterns, which say as much about how different countries perceive each other as they do about the quality of the music. For example former soviet countries normally furnish each other high numbers of votes, as do the nordic nations and the former yugoslav republics.

Nelly Ciobanu's 'Hora din Moldova' was a competent effort, and would probably have made the top five had it been sung in English. Only Portugal & Romania gave it the maximum 12 points. The song received 7 points from Belgium, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine. Russia gave it 1 point.

This result highlights what most Moldovans have known for a long time - Russia's support for Moldova is lukewarm and fickle at best. The country has good friends in the regional powers of Turkey and Ukraine. Most importantly, despite all the garbage deposited at its doorstep by the PCRM, Romania remains the best and most constant friend of the Moldovan people.

A more alarming result for the Moldovan communists was the way Moldova allocated its votes. Romania's Elena Gheorghe received the 12 points, clearly showing the attachment of ordinary Moldovans to that country, despite the PCRM declaring them to be the enemy. This clearly was one election Voronin failed to rig, ;)

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