Friday, May 29, 2009

Voronin should go to jail

You will have noticed over the course of reading my posts that Voronin, the communist deputies and the PCRM as a whole have committed numerous breaches of the constitution of the Republic of Moldova, both during their eight years in power and especially during the post-electoral period.

In respect of most of these breaches, Voronin, as the leader, must take direct responsibility, while the criminal responsibility of the deputies and the PCRM, while very real, is more indirect.

I've had a quick look through the penal code. There are too many applicable offences than can be repeated here. There are also a range of penalties ranging from fines to short prison terms to life imprisonment for the most serious offences.

1. For its role in breaching numerous points of the constitution, the Communist Party and its deputies should be fined and banned from holding public office. Individual deputies and functionaries who have directly committed specific offences should be subject to prison terms.

2. Voronin, himself has committed more grave offences. His failure to hold a second round of presidential elections is best viewed as 'negligence by a public functionary', punishable by fines or up to 5 years' imprisonment. His failure to relinquish one of his posts (president and speaker) is 'usurpation of power' and is punishable by 12 - 15 years' imprisonment. His February agreement to allow the disposition of Russian troops on Moldovan soil is 'treachery' and is punishable by 16 - 25 years of imprisonment. And there are many, many others.

Now the Constitutional Court just needs to start doing its job. Note that a pleasant side effect of the Constitutional Court doing its job would be the overcoming of the current political crisis. Voronin and his gang would be removed from power, and in the anticipated elections only opposition parties would be allowed to participate, ensuring a parliament filled with deputies of higher democratic values than the PCRM.

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