Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Voronin shreds the constitution

I'm not even going to mention the breaches of the constitution committed by the Moldovan communists prior to or during the election. Let's limit ourselves to the breaches since April 5.

First we had the Constitutional Court's early validation of the election result, which under the constitution should not take place until all appeals have been heard.

Then, on May 22nd we had Voronin's failure to formally vacate one of the posts he holds (Speaker and President), as required by the constitution within 30days of the incompatibility arising.

Yesterday Voronin stated that, if the opposition were to force anticipated elections, he would go ahead and appoint a fully empowered government. The constitution does not allow for this.

Finally today we have the incredible decision of the Constitutional Court stripping thousands of Moldovans of their right to hold public office.

It is high time that the international community recognised that constitutional order has broken down in the Republic of Moldova.

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