Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A chimpanzees' tea party

It is pleasing to see the Moldovan Communist party start to go ragged at the edges. Over the last two days we have been treated to (a) Marian Lupu's statements to the effect that the PCRM is 'unreformable', (b) Turcan's admission that he organised the raising of the Romanian flag over parliament and (c) Voronin's rather pathetic attempt at negotiating with the three liberal parties prior to the vote this morning.

The piece de la resistance, however, came during Vlad Filat's blunt and direct statement to Parliament following the vote. At one point the Communist deputies completely lost the plot and started stamping their feet, banging on the tables and randomly playing the melodies on their mobile phones.

Hopefully at the next session on June 10 we will be treated to the sight of them knocking back bananas, scratching their underarms and picking the fleas out of each other's fur.

1 comment:

  1. Said but true...Actually it was better then this. I mean, the show in Parliament.