Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lupu makes his move

I am no great fan of Marian Lupu, but nonetheless his decision today to leave the PCRM could prove to be a significant turning point in the political crisis.

There is a strong view abroad that he is being sent into the democratic camp as a trojan horse, with the aim of stealing a couple of seats in parliament from the three liberal parties and hence assuring the election of a communist president.

That's very possible, however on the evidence we have it would appear that Lupu has simply fallen out with Voronin, understands that the PCRM is on a downward trajectory and understands that he has no future within that party. His statement today, in particular his reference to the non-fulfilment of the EP's requirements by the PCRM, would indicate that he has definitively turned his back on the communists.

He needs to go further, however, in establishing and confirming his credibility as an opposition politician. Here's what he could do:

1. Hammer away at each line of the EP resolution. Demand the freeing of political prisoners, the independent investigation of of the violence and torture of the week of April 7th, the investigation of election fraud, the freeing of TRM, the cleaning of the electoral roles, the improvement of electoral processes and the reestablishment of friendly relations with Romania.

2. Rather than trying to cobble together a centre-left party from the flotsam and jetsam of the PD, PSD and UCM, Lupu should join AMN and submit to its party discipline. He should place himself at no. 12 on the list so that he would only enter parliament in the event that AMN increases its April 5th vote.

3. Encourage other members of the PCRM's liberal wing to leave and join him at AMN.

4. Commit to not voting for any president proposed by the PCRM.

This list is probably not exculsive - if you have other ideas, please leave a comment.

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