Friday, June 5, 2009

Social democracy must wait

Something remarkable has happened in the Moldovan political scene over the last 12 months. A strong, democratic and upright liberal movement has emerged, meaning that Moldova now has one half of the 'two-party' political system that is the backbone of many of the world's leading democracies.

The other half is still missing, however. Over on the centre-left, where you would normally expect to find a modern social democratic party, you find instead Voronin and his clan of kleptocrats. They're not social, caring very little about the lot of the poor & the disadvantaged. Neither are they democratic.

There are some voices currently promoting to formation of a single social democratic party from a bunch of flotsam and jetsam floating around the centre of the spectrum - Diacov's DP, Tarlev's UCM, Braghis' PSD and the 'democratic' wing of the PCRM under Lupu.. There are two problems with this idea:

1. The time is not right. The anticipated election is not about the political preferences of Moldovans, it is about the death or survival of democracy itself.. In this respect it is of paramount importance that all non-communist votes be focussed on the three parties that have proved themselves capable of standing up to the PCRM.

2. The likely leaders of such a party have all sold out to the PCRM at one point or other in the past. They do not have the integrity required in the current climate. To blunt, each of them would have sold the'golden vote' weeks ago, had they been given the opportunity.

The centre-left needs to sit this one out. The chances for establishing a strong, modern social democrat party will be much better four years from now, when the PCRM is just a painful memory and a new generation of leaders has emerged..

For now, however, centre-left voters will just need to grit their teeth, swallow their pride and vote liberal.

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