Tuesday, June 30, 2009

State of Play

Some thoughts about the various political parties active in Moldova. We'll go from right to left:

PL (liberals): Strong liberal credentials, comfortable with their Romanian identity.

PLDM (liberal democrats): The best run party in Moldova. Promotes both liberal and social democratic values and sees themselves as Moldovans.

AMN (our Moldova): The true centre of Moldovan politics; a party capable of appealing to all ethnicities.

PL, PLDM & AMN together: The three parties that deserve the votes of Moldovans and present the best hope for the future. They need to up their work-rate, however, in the face of continuing massive pressure from the communists.

MAE, PNL & PC: Three small liberal parties whose hearts are in the right place but whose egos are getting in the way of an opposition victory. Even if they need to contest the election for technical reasons (i.e. to avoid deregistration), they should ask their supporters to vote for one of the major opposition parties to ensure that votes aren't wasted.

PD (democrats): A small centrist party now taken over by Marian Lupu and his associates. Could serve a useful purpose if it pulls votes away from the communists. Could also form the base for a modern social democratic party. The risks are very high, however, that the PD is just a front for the communists or the Russians. Only vote PD if you can't bring yourself to vote PL, PLDM or AMN.

PPCD (christian democrats): A small communist-allied party now trying to position itself as a mediator and the voice of reason. Remember however that during the early years of communist rule these were the guys screaming "down with communism" and waving Romanian flags around. They have about as much credibility as Bernie Madoff and I'm not sure that their seven leading candidates have started shaving yet. Avoid.

PCRM (communists): A gang of mad & violent totalitarians who wouldn't know what democracy was if it ran over them in a truck. Re-election of the communists will be the final nail in the coffin of Moldovan democracy and human rights, and will condemn another generation to poverty. DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM. NOT NOW. NOT IN THE FUTURE. NEVER.

Ravnopravie, Patrie/Rodina: Two small russophile parties that are even nuttier than the communists.

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