Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't make us sing Kum Ba Yah

We are starting to hear voices from Europe and Russia telling us that now the election is over we should kiss and make up.

1. Javier Solana has issued a statement calling for a 'spirit of reconciliation'. He's probably feeling sorry for his old drinking buddy Vova.

2. Russia has made its views known through the report of the CIS monitors, who gave the election process (and implicity the result of it) a ringing endorsement.

3. Even senior Romanian politicians such as Weber, Marinescu and Diaconescu are calling for the election result to be accepted and playing down allegations of fraud and irregularities.

Understandably what the Europeans want most is stability on their borders. What Russia wants is a good relationship with Europe so that their 50bn loan application will be received favourably.

What is best for Moldova, however, is the return of truth. As the South Africans understood very well, you cannot have reconciliation and forgiveness without all parties first recognising historic truths, including bringing to light the appalling crimes commited by different groups within a divided society.

Right now we need truth about the election result. While we are grateful for the end of communist domination, the irregularities, intimidation and fraud that accompanied the election must be exposed and dealt with, not swept under the carpet. It must be recognised that a Party cannot score 45% when an exit poll with a margin of error of 2% gives them 40.5%.

We need truth in the media. Todercan and his crew must leave and make way for professional journalists at Teleradio Moldova. The government should quit its ownership of Moldova Suverana and Nezavisimaya Moldova.

We need truth about April 7th and the days that followed. We need truth about the crimes committed by Communist politicians over the last eight years. We need truth about Transnistria and Russia's role in the conflict. We need truth about the state of the nation's finances.

Without the return of truth, Moldova's serious underlying illnesses cannot be healed. This is a state bitterly divided along linguistic and ethnic lines and a people taught immorality by their leaders. It is the poorest country in Europe due to poor government and the political instability generated intentionally by the Russians in Transnistria.

Truth must be spoken into these situations and issues. Not for the purpose of revenge or for obtaining power, but for the purpose of generating understanding and promoting remorse, forgiveness and unity, in that order.

It can set us free.


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