Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Prosecutor General, Valeriu Gurbulea held a press conference this afternoon with reference to the events of April 6th - 8th.

Gurbulea: 6 cases have been sent to trial and another 10 are in preparation

You detained 600 young people and you're only going to prosecute 16?!

Gurbulea: 96 cases of torture by the police have been registered.

The true figure is higher, but at least this is a start

Gurbulea: Eugen Tapu was strangled by his shoelaces

...which failed to leave any mark on his neck...

Gurbulea: Veaceslav Tabuleac fell from an electric power pilon

It is of course, totally normal for people to climb electric power pilons for no particular reason.

Gurbulea: Maxim Canisev drowned. He was found with a suicide note.

Actually, he was found with his spinal column broken and would have had tremendous difficulty throwing himself in a lake.

Gurbulea: Valeriu Boboc was found near the Triumphal Arch, have died from blows with a heavy object.

Perhaps you could tell us who was holding the heavy object?

Gurbulea: We can't accuse any parties of causing the disorder. We can accuse members of parties and we have in mind the PL and the PLDM.

So in fact you are accusing parties of causing the disorder, given that you mentioned names... You don't mention the PPCD, though - their members were caught on film in the middle of the violence by the Parliament and the Presidency

Gurbulea: Romania did not participate in the protests, however there was a cyberattack on government servers and attempts to cross the border.

No mention of the SIS attacks on opposition and independent media servers and web-sites? Oh, and by the way, the people trying to cross the borders were Moldovan students coming home to defend their democracy and futures.

Gurbulea: The concrete slabs that were being broken up by police in the courtyards weren't offered to the protesters. just wanted to build a rock garden?

Gurbulea: Protesters were released on decision of the prosecutor's office, not because the President offered an amnesty. there is no facility for an amnesty in law.

So why aren't you prosecuting Voronin for overstepping his powers and trying to free the detainees illegally?

Gurbulea: The young people who beat the police will be punished.

Punishment is the province of the courts, not the prosecutor. Your job is to bring cases to trial and you have no right to make this statement.

Gurbulea: In the night of the 6th to the 7th, the police didn't intervene because the young people were very violent.

No they weren't. There was no violence until the afternoon of the 7th.

Gurbulea: The audio recordings in the film "Attack on Moldova" weren't furnished by the Prosecutor's office.

Only the authorities have the right to tap phones, so if it wasn't the Prosecutor then it was the police or the SIS, and they should be held accountable for leaking evidence which is sub judice.

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