Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Messages to the Electorate

The opposition is putting a lot of effort into counteracting communist propaganda by spreading the truth about the fraud of April 5th, the protests of April 7th and the week of police violence that followed. This is right, proper and necessary.

Unfortunately we also need to remember that we are in an election campaign and that the key to winning is attracting voters. Many of these will be motivated by other issues, and the opposition needs to get some key messages across. In particular they need to address some key communist constituencies:

To the pensioners:
1. Your pensions are funded out of taxes; taxes collected depend on the state of the economy; we will create conditions for the economy to grow so that your pensions can grow too.
2. We will work hard to reduce the price of food and clothing by reducing taxation, eliminating corruption and slashing bureaucracy in the economy.
3. We will create a democratic society and a growing economy for your children.

To the ethnic minorities:
1. We represent you as well
2. All of your rights as a minority (as defined in the Copenhagen convention) will be respected.
3. We have no intention of uniting with Romania or of joining NATO.
4. We will aim to have the best possible relations with Russia and the Ukraine, within the context of promoting Moldova's national interests and acceding to the EU

To the Rural population
1. We will allow foreigners to own land, which will increase its price.
2. We will establish national marketing boards to enable Moldova to penetrate foreign markets with its agricultural produce.
3. We will attract EU investment into Moldova's infrastructure, and private sector investment into agribusiness.

To Business People
1. We will remove the impediments to doing business represented by corruption and bureaucracy. In particular we will disestablish the licensing palace and we will simplify registration procedures
2. We will devise a tax system which is simple and which rewards initiative and hard work.
3. We will be predictable and will telegraph changes months if not years ahead.

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