Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moderate extremists

Voronin and his clan are trying to portray the opposition liberal parties as dangerous far-right extremists, hell-bent on destroying the Moldovan state.

1. He accuses them of being behind the April 7th violence. They weren't.
2. He accuses them of being fascists. They're not.
3. He accuses them of associating with 'Noua Dreapta' from Romania. They don't.
4. He accuses them of seeking union with Romania. They never have.
5. He accuses them of attacking ethnic minorities. Not true.

Actually the three liberal parties are just normal centre-right groupings fulfilling their responsibility as an opposition: to oppose. They probe the weaknesses of the governing party, expose its wrongdoing, present policy alternatives and improve the quality of proposed legislation etc. This is exactly what an opposition is supposed to do and, in a normal country, would not in any sense be classified as 'extremism'.

It is this very normality that upsets Voronin and the PCRM, because it stands in sharp contrast to the totalitarianism of the communists and their attempts to undermine democracy and human rights.

Just one other somewhat tangential point: The PD and PPCD under Lupu and Rosca respectively are trying to position themselves as centrists able to 'mediate' between the 'extremes' of left (the communists) and right (the liberals). The communists, however aren't really on the left; they have made no attempt to build a 'social' Moldova. Similarly, the liberals aren't that far to the right; their policy programs all contain elements of solidarity and redistribution.

The choice on July 29 isn't between left and right, it's between democracy and totalitarianism, good and evil. If Lupu and Rosca want to negotiate with the wicked men and women running the PCRM, and try to 'mediate' between them and the liberals, that's their business. I'm having none of it however. Vote democracy, vote human rights, vote PL, PLDM & AMN!

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