Monday, July 27, 2009

More Spinning than Rumpelstiltskin

Tkaciuk: The PDM is distributing a false leaflet saying that Iurie Rosca will be the communist's candidate for president.

Zimbru: So what? That sort of statement is akin to a weather forecast. It might rain, or it might not.

Tkaciuk: The PLDM is distributing a false leaflet in which Lupu and Voronin make a common appeal.

Zimbru: Prove it.

Tkaciuk: No evidence has been presented about the falsification of the election.

Zimbru: I didn't realise you weren't able to read. Those who can are able to access a huge amount of evidence held by the opposition, the independent media and deposited with both the Constitutional Court and the Court of Appeal.

Tkaciuk: The opposition is falsely transmitting that the PCRM will not pay pensions.

Zimbru: Not 'will not' but 'cannot'. In a pre-election bribe the PCRM increased pensions to a level that simply can't be supported by social security contributions.

Tkaciuk: The opposition doesn't have serious arguments against the communists

Zimbru: That would be with the exception of (a) four deaths, twenty rapes & hundreds of beatings at the hands of the police, (b) 32 breaches of the constitution over the last eight years, (c) the pillaging of the economy by Oleshka, (d) the deterioration of Moldova's already weak democratic institutions, (e) the failure of the PCRM to diversify the economy away from remittances, (f) the failure to improve Moldova's energy security, (g) the failure to reintegrate Transnitria etc. etc.

Tkaciuk: On the 29th, the opposition has arranged for young people, dressed in red, to make pro-communist demonstrations.

Zimbru: Good to see you already have a cover story for the illegalities the PCRM plans to commit on election day.

Tkaciuk: Everyone should go to church, make the sign of the cross, pray, and then go and vote communist.

Zimbru: ...only if you want to be struck down by lightening.

Tkaciuk: If the PCRM doesn't win the election, Moldova will be isolated internationally

Zimbru: How will we ever manage without North Korea and South Ossetia backing us?

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