Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On Election Day


Electioneering is prohibited on election day. They can't however stop you displaying your support by dressing in your party's colours, and such a show of strength might just squeeze out an extra vote here or there.

If you're a Liberal, wear light blue. Liberal Democrats should wear green while supporters of Moldova Noastra should wear yellow. Better still, grab a couple a couple of friends and wear all three colours together.


Ring all of your friends and family to make sure they have voted. Encourage your neighbours to get to a polling station.

If you have a car, fill it with petrol and give people rides to the polling station. If you live in a small town or village, bring some students back to Chisinau so they can vote (or at least give them the bus fare).


Write, record and video what you see, especially any funny business. This information may come in useful later on. (Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and you have something to write with)


Potentially this is liberation day for your country. Enjoy it. Smile. Avoid fights.

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