Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Papuc must go

Unimedia has this morning posted an audio transcription of a meeting between Internal Affairs Minister, Gheorghe Papuc and a group of security companies, private detective agents and the like. Those who live outside Moldova should know that Minister Papuc directs both the Police and the SIS.

In the recording, Mr Papuc is heard instructing his audience to support those who are 'promoting Moldova's statehood' (code for the Communists) and reminds them that the Police have been 'promoting their business'.

Mr Papuc's statements contravene the law in three ways:

1. A minister of the state who is not a candidate for election has no business campaigning for anyone. His duty is to defend the rights of all Moldovans, not to promote the interests of a particular party. This is a clear conflict of interest.

2. A minister of state should not use his position to put pressure on any citizen to make any decision with respect to their vote.

3. The Police should not be 'in business' with private companies. The relationship between the state and private sectors must be detached and professional.

Most importantly, let's also not forget the beatings, rapes and murders committed by the forces under Mr Papuc's command in the wake of the April 7th protests.

Also remember that he is the subject of two outstanding criminal cases. The first relates to financial abuses in the late 1990s in the police units under his control at that time. The second relates to drug-smuggling.

Mr Papuc should resign or be sacked, and he should be prosecuted (to conclusion) for his numerous (alleged(!)) crimes against the Moldovan people.

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