Thursday, July 23, 2009

Voronin's 'chemistry' with the electorate

Seraphim Urecheanu, AMN has provided more details to supplement Vitalia Pavlicenko's earlier statement about the methods the Communist regime will use to rig the July 29th election.

According to Urecheanu, specially treated voting papers have been prepared in Israel. These papers will be delivered to larger polling stations which have a majority of communist-controlled officials. The papers have a stamp - 'Voted' - which is printed in invisible ink. This stamp will appear in the PCRM row on the ballot a couple of hours after exposure to light.

Similarly, these polling stations will be equipped with ink that fades away after a couple of hours, rendering the real option of the voter illegible.

Urecheanu has also warned that thousands of false ID documents have been prepared to facilitate fraudulent voting by communist acolytes.


  1. If this is what people are starting to believe in all honesty, then what's the point of holding this election? This (perhaps very well justified!) lack of faith only further poisons the democratic/electoral process, or what's left of it. The communists should never have been permitted to take the lead in holding and organising the new election, because the way this is starting to go, it's looking like we're about to see a repeat of the violence in April, no?

  2. You're absolutely right, however the only real solution when constitutional order breaks down is outside intervention similar to what happened in Bosnia and Kosovo, which were turned into EU/NATO protectorates in order to repair inter-ethnic relations, human rights & democracy.

    The 'invisible ink' story seems preposterous, however in the light of April's events and given the tactics already used by the security services (e.g. the honey trap they laid for the Romanian Consul), it may not be that far-fetched.