Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm sorry I didn't think of this earlier - there is an excellent way in which readers living outside Moldova can help bring democracy back to the country.

The Communist regime is trying to make it as difficult as possible for certain sections of the electorate (e.g. students, workers living overseas) to vote. Outside of Moldova, the only places that votes can be cast are at Moldova's diplomatic representations (of which there aren't very many). Furthermore, by calling the election on weekday in mid-summer, they are making it very difficult for someone who, for example, lives in Dublin, to get to the nearest polling station (Moldova's embassy in London), not to mention expensive...

There is however one group of voters living outside Moldova who can be got to a polling station relatively easily, but who nevertheless have some difficulty meeting the travel costs. I'm referring to the thousands of Moldovan students who live in Romania's university towns - Timisoara, Cluj, Craiova, Suceava, Iasi, Constanta etc. They need to travel to Bucharest in order to vote at either the embassy or the consulate.

The cost of a train ticket should be no more than ten euros. That doesn't sound a lot, but these folks are on very tight budgets and many of them will not make the journey because they can't afford to.

Here's the idea. If you wish to and are able, please send a little bit of money to one of the various Basarabean students associations in Romania, with instructions that it be used to pay for train tickets to Bucharest for the 29th. There's not much time left, so you will need to move very quickly. Here are the links for the contact pages of the various associations. Write in whatever major language you are comfortable with - they'll figure it out.

Timisoara, Craiova, Cluj, Suceava, Constanta

Get in touch with them, ask how you can transfer some money and send them a proof of payment once you've done it.


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  1. si daca ramuri bat in geam/ si ciuma rosie votam,/ ne vom baga ceva in neam/ si in siberii emigram... (sms de dat mai departe in basarabia)