Friday, August 28, 2009

"At your service, Mr President"

These were the words addressed to the new Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Mihai Ghimpu by the State Security Service Agents assigned to protect him.

This was just one of a number of signals that Ghimpu's election was being viewed as valid, the others being the fact that the diplomatic corps stayed on to observe the AIE-only part of the parliamentary session and that even pro-communist news agencies such as Omega and Noutati Moldova were openly describing Ghimpu as the new speaker of Parliament.

What is really intriguing is that on some readings of the Constitution, Ghimpu should now become the interim President of the Republic, replacing a Vladimir Voronin who is well past his use-by date. It will be interesting to see if the AIE can effect this change.


The AIE has announced that Marian Lupu will be proposed for the Presidency and Vlad Filat for the Prime Minister's office. The role to be assigned to Serafim Urecheanu is being kept a secret for now, but, in a delicious irony, is rumoured to be that of prosecutor general. The man who has spent the last eight years being hounded by Voronin's judicial hound-dogs will be the person responsible for bringing to justice eight years' worth of communist illegality.


The AIE has taken two immediate moves to bolster freedom of the press in Moldova, allowing journalists into the hall where Parliament was in session and requiring the public television station Moldova 1 to broadcast the next meeting of Parliament live.


The next battle is likely to come this evening, when, according to a demand issued by Parliament earlier in the day, Moldova 1 is required to cede 1 hour of time to the parliamentary parties to allow them to inform the nation about developments in the country.

Interesting times....

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