Saturday, August 29, 2009

Communists in Hot Water

In Vladimir Voronin's case, we're talking jacuzzis. Apparent Chisinau traffic was held at bay last night so Voronin's motorcade could pass through to the airport. From there he flew to his favourite holiday spot, Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, a town famous for its thermal springs.

I'm not quite sure how that squares with the official reason the Communists sought a postponement of yesterday's session ("more time needed to form the parliamentary faction"), however it would explain Voronin's short temper on seeing the AIE unravel his scheme.

My guess is that when he arrives back on September 3rd he'll be taking a "Marshrutka" from the airport. I expect the AIE majority to declare the office of President vacant on the 2nd, meaning that from that point on Voronin will just be a simple deputy and Ghimpu will be the one driving around in the Presidential limo.


The other communist likely to be in hot water (figuratively this time) on September 2nd is Valeriu Todercan, the head honcho at Teleradio Moldova (TRM). Yesterday the state-owned media company refused the AIE's request to host a one-hour debate session so they could explain the AIE's position direct to viewers. The reason cited was that no studio was available (although studios never seem in short supply whenever Voronin needs one...)

Parliament has also demanded that TRM broadcast the next session of parliament, which will take place on September 2nd. Once again, Todercan has refused, citing 'technical reasons'. This time, however, the AIE's demand is not just a polite request. It is a resolution by Parliament under a specific law which gives it the right to demand coverage by state-owned media. Should Todercan continue to obstruct this instruction, he will find himself facing criminal charges.

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