Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Mr Diacov, don't even think about it

Pavel Paduraru of Timpul is troubled by some comments that Dumitru Diacov (former leader of the Democratic Party) made on Saturday.

"We need to see how much of an alliance the Alliance is, and whether there is understanding. the Coalition hasn't put anything very clear on the table: what do we do, where do we go, how do we vote..."

The truth is that the Coalition has been fairly specific with its policy objectives. I believe as well that many more points have been decided behind closed doors, but that the four leaders are keeping these matters to themselves in order to deny the communists the opportunity to attack the programme.

So Mr Diacov's wobbliness and lack of support for the team of which he is a part is quite troubling, especially for somebody who has a reputation for being available to the highest bidder. Paduraru justifiably fears that Diacov may render up votes to allow Voronin remain as speaker in return for a few goodies for Diacov's 5-person section of the Democrat Party.

Diacov would do well to remember why he holds a deputy's chair. This is not though any effort of his own (the Democrats under his leadership scored a woeful 2.97% in April), but rather through (a) the locomotive power of Marian Lupu, and (b) the former communist electorate's revulsion with the behaviour of that party.

The mandate the electorate has given Mr Diacov is limited solely to following Marian Lupu and opposing the communists. If he provides support to the PCRM he will be straying outside this boundary and will deserve every bit of the opprobrium he receives from his voters and the AIE electorate in general.

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