Monday, August 10, 2009

Half Truths from Rogozyn

According to Infotag, Dimitri Rozogyn, Russia's ambassador to NATO, has today made the following statements about the Transnistrian conflict.

Rozogyn: Russia has behaved appropriately with respect to Moldova & Transnistria

Zimbru: I disagree. In spite of its declared support for Moldova's territorial integrity, Russia has encouraged the development of Transnistrian statehood and has stood idly by while the separatists clawed out concessions from the Moldovan side. In 18 years of peacekeeping, the Russians haven't made a single move to encourage a durable and equitable peace.

Rozogyn: The civil war of 1992 was stopped by Russia.

Zimbru: Yes, and it was also started by Russia through her encouragement of the separatists. Had Russia not 'stopped' the war (via the intervention of the 14th Army on the side of the separatists), Moldova would have won and restored her territorial integrity. Chances are she would be a mature democracy and an EU member state.

Rozogyn: Until 1940, Transnistria wasn't part of either Moldova or the old province of Basarabia. Romania has no pretences on the territory.

Zimbru: You are perfectly correct, however you neglect a necessary symmetry. Until 1940 Bucovina and the Bujeac did form part of Romania, but were torn off by the USSR and given to Ukraine (i.e. not even left in the Moldovan Soviet Republic). If Transnistria is to return to the Slavic world, then Bucovina and the Bujeac should return to Moldova or Romania...

Rozogyn: I want Moldova and Transnistria to have a peaceful coexistence.

Zimbru: So why are you arming the Transnistrians and stationing your troops there?

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