Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am SO looking forward to Friday...

On Friday the new session of Moldova's parliament convenes for the first time following the July 29th election. The "Alliance for European Integration" (AIE) will have 53 seats in the parliament while the Moldovan Communist Party (PCRM) will be in the minority with only 48.

Parliament is arguably the most powerful institution under the Moldovan constitution, and the AIE's simple majority will allow it to push through a number of pro-democracy refoms:

1. The reinstatement of a 1991 law illegally abrogated by a subsequent decision of President Lucinschii a few years later. This law made it illegal for any party to use communist symbols or adopt a marxist-leninist idealogy, and is now supported by a Council of Europe resolution condemning communism.

2. The replacement of the chief prosecutor, Valeriu Gurbulea. This will make it possible to pursue criminal cases against all those who have committed abuses during the eight years of communist rule (including cases against Papuc, Resetnicov & Voronin)

3. The replacement of the Teleradio Moldova board & leadership, the re-opening of all transimission frequencies to tender and the sale of all Government-owned media outlets. This will allow public television and radio to become equidistant and independent, freeing it up to report real news and conduct investigative journalism. It will also allow a stronger, more independent private media sector to emerge.

4. The reform of electoral law to (a) reduce the wastage of votes given to parties which don't make the 5% hurdle, (b) replace the D'Hondt formula, making the allocation of seats more equitable, (c) most importantly, provide increased opportunities for Moldovans overseas to vote. This will ensure that the communists can never again monopolise power in the country.

There are probably some other goodies out there as well, but my guess is that 1-4 above will be sufficient to persuade all but the stupidest communists that fresh elections would not be to their advantage, and that they should vote for a liberal-democrat President.


  1. Agreed on 1-4, but I wonder how the presidential vote will turn out.

    By the way, you should check out and link to this new resource - http://imediaenglish.blogspot.com/