Friday, August 7, 2009

Ideas for breaking the deadlock

Electing a president and establishing a functional government are proving very tricky given all the egos and mutual suspicion involved. Here are some ideas that may help:

1. Simplify the political scene by merging the three liberal parties. This would create the country's most powerful political organisation, and would result in a simpler, two-way negotiation with the Democrats. It would also take the punch out of Communist attempts to divide and rule.

The policy differences between the three parties are slight and compromise should be easy. There is now a good level of trust between the three parties which should further facilitate a merger. Filat should lead the new party, with Ghimpu and Urechean as vice-presidents.

2. Form a (possibly) temporary legislative coalition with the Democrats, for the purposes of democratising and de-communising the country. Over the coming weeks and months the legislature could write law that frees TRM from communist control, sacks Papuc and Gurbulea, lifts the immunity of criminally culpable communist deputies and rewrites the electoral code so that it is truly democratic. The Grecianai government can continue to function during this period, however it will need to observe the new laws coming out of Parliament.

Lupu will need to understand that he cannot be the speaker in this parliament because he has not yet earned the trust of the Liberals. Later on, perhaps, but not now.

3. Parliament should order a committee to review the constitution with a view to patching up all its leaks and making it far clearer and descriptive. In particular, the right to elect a president should be returned to the people, with effect from 2013. This constitution should then be enacted by referendum.

Should the communist deputies refuse to support the election of a liberal - democrat candidate for president, the popular election provision should be changed to have immediate effect.

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