Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let the People Decide

There's a lot of fuss and intrigue about who will be the next president. Remember that in Moldova, the President is elected by parliament with a 3/5 majority, so gets to be the subject of a lot of inter-party horse trading.

The problem with all this is that it has little to do with the people of Moldova. How about we ask them who they want as their next president? Obviously we can't do this formally (the constitution doesn't allow it), but we can draw on opinion polls.

The last IPP poll (July 09) asked a question relevant to this decision: How much trust do you have in the following politicians? The highest scores were, in order, Voronin, Lupu, Chirtoaca & Filat. Voronin is excluded as he has already served two terms. Chirtoaca is out because he's younger than 40. Which leaves Lupu & Filat.

The Institute of Sociologists and Demographers published a poll at around the same time, asking: In which politician do you have the most confidence. Here the order was slightly different - Voronin, Chirtoaca, Filat, Lupu. Once again, after tossing out Voronin and Chirtoaca, we are left with Filat & Lupu.

It stands to reason that the two men Moldovans most want to see as their next president are Vlad Filat and Marian Lupu. I suggest that both be put up for election. The communists can choose which of these two they want to have, but they should not insist on any other candidate.

To do so would be to go against the will of the people.

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