Monday, August 17, 2009

More "smecherie" from the PCRM?

Stirea Zilei reports that the first session of parliament will be held on August 28th. This is apparently so that Voronin can preside over Republic Day celebrations on the 27th.

Stirea Zilei understands that the first session will be short, and will be adjourned without a new speaker being elected.

If this is true, it would appear that the Communists aim to maintain their control over the country by preventing the new AIE majority from taking control over Parliament. While the PCRM's planned approach may be within the letter of the Constitution, it would treat with disdain the decision of the Moldovan people to give a majority to the liberal - democrat coalition.

The fact is that the only task which the first session needs to accomplish is the election of a new speaker, so that the house can begin its work in ernest. Ivan Calin needs to preside over the election, then clear off. That's it.

We don't need pomp, ceremony & various political tricks; we need democracy and good government. The PCRM needs to get out of the way and allow it to happen.

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