Monday, August 10, 2009

My Picks

Who should fill the top jobs?

President. Personally I like Urechean for this one. He is the longest serving of all four leaders and could easily fit into a 'father of the nation role. He has a good sense of humour and would manage the Russia-Romania balance well. Importantly, as head of the smallest coalition partner, his weak power-base would prevent him from using the Presidency as Vladimir Voronin did.

Prime Minister. This has to be Filat. His Liberal Democrat party has come from nowhere in the space of two years to be the largest opposition party. That is due in no small part to Filat's managerial and organisation skills, which I think would make him perfect for a job heading the executive. He is moderate in his comments but determined in his actions.

Speaker. Under the Moldovan constitution, this is actually the most powerful role. I would like to see it develop along Westminster lines, such that the speaker is completely impartial unless a casting vote is required. Marian Lupu sits at the centre of Moldovan politics and would be the best person to ensure that all sides get a fair say.

And what of the Liberal Party? Well, they already have the Chisinau mayoralty, however I would see a role for Ghimpu as head of the Constitutional Court, replacing the awful Dumitru Pulbere. The Liberal Party is the organisation most likely to defend Moldova's democratic principles, and Ghimpu's family have proved in the past that they are prepared to suffer for what they believe in.

The vice-presidency of the Parliament should be given to Alexandru Tanase, while Corina Fusu should break up the all-boys club as Deputy Prime Minister.

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