Friday, August 28, 2009

So far, the first session hasn't disappointed

A major scandal has broken out at the first session of Parlament in Chisinau this morning.

After the formalities, the session president, Ivan Calin, unilaterally declared a 10-day pause in the session until September 4th. The Communists left the hall, while the AIE continued the session under a new session president (the oldest AIE member, Ion Hadarca).

The communists outside the hall are claiming that the session continuing inside is illegal. Actually it was Calin's termination that was illegal, for many many reasons:

1. As noted in yesterday's post, a Speaker must be elected by this session, and the session can only take place on a single day. Calin's pause has breached this requirement.

2. The Agenda included the election of the speaker. Changes to an agenda can only be made on the basis of a vote of members. No vote was held.

3. The pause was announced on the request of communist Maria Postoico. She wanted the PCRM to be allowed to have ten days to 'form their faction' (as if they don't already know who the members and office holders should be). The other factions are already formed. As the PCRM is in a minority, Mrs Postoico's proposal should have been put to the vote.

4. The parliament is only fully constituted when its leadership is elected. Today is the last day when that can happen under the constitution.

Mr Calin committed other abuses during the session, including switching off the microphones of deputies without motivation.

It appears that Moldova is now in a constitutional crisis. One hopes that the army, government apparatus and the security services will recognise the legitimacy of the parliament and its AIE majority.

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  1. As Mr Lupu pointed up earlier today, the election of speaker follows an organic law, so the Constitutional Court is not competent of determining its legality.

    Let's just hope no suprises will show up in the vote process.