Friday, August 21, 2009

Voronin Refuses to Dialog with the AIE

Here's one in the face for EU Rep. Miszei and US Ambassador Chaudry, both of whom have been pleading with the AIE to include the Communists in discussions about the Presidency and other institutions of state.

This morning there was an event in Chisinau at which the deputies elected on July 29th formally received their mandates from the Electoral Commission. At the event Vlad Filat approached Vladimir Voronin in the name of the AIE and invited him to a discussion among all parliamentary party leaders, to take place next Tuesday. Voronin refused to accept the invitation, which came in both verbal and written form.

Voronin now heads off to Sochi for a meeting of unclear purpose with Russian President Dimitry Medvedev, betraying his instinctive preference to rely on Russian influence rather than deal openly with the elected representatives of the Moldovan people.

Brussels and Washington need to realise that Voronin is yesterday's man and quietly shift their attention to younger, less-compromised leadership in the PCRM.

The AIE shouldn't be too concerned by Voronin's snub. My guess is that Tkaciuc will find them the eight votes they need to elect a president. Why? Because (a) this will keep 48 communist deputies in Parliament, whereas an anticipated election will likely see seats lost by the communists, and (b) going clearly into opposition is the best way to ensure that the Communist party is shaken up seriously enough to give Tkaciuc the opportunity to emerge as its leader.

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