Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You've got to be kidding!

Voronin has today awarded the "Order of the Republic" to the chief justice of the Constitutional Court, citing his 'long and prodigious service to the organs of the law and his professionalism in the conduct of constitutional justice".

A few points

1. It is completely improper in a democracy for a political figure such as Voronin to make such an award to a serving member of the judiciary. Such awards should wait until the retirement of the judge, so that any hint of bribery is avoided.

2. Mr Pulbere does not merit the award, at least not for his time on the bench of the Constitutional Court. Under Mr Pulbere's leadership, the court has become a lap dog for the communists, and has singularly failed in its duty to prevent the rigging of elections, the denial of human rights and the usurpation of power by a single man, Vladimir Voronin.

3. Voronin knows that he is in for a rough ride in the near future. Once the opposition gains control over the prosecutor's office, he is likely to become the target of criminal proceedings, in particular for his failure to relinquish the role of President on becoming a deputy in the previous parliament. I guess he is try to keep the Constitutional Court sweet as an insurance against this eventuality.

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