Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zimbru for PM?!

I note that one of the issues the liberal-democratic coalition is facing is that everyone wants to be President and/or Speaker, but no-one wants to be Prime Minister.

The undesirability of the premier's job appears to be related to the facts that (a) he/she can be sacked by the President and / or Parliament at will (and given the inherent instability of coalitions this is odds-on happening), and (b) this person is going to have to clean up the mess left by the communists and exacerbated by the economic crisis (e.g. minor little problems such as not having any money with which to pay pensions).

Well here's the good news - Zimbru hereby offers to fill the role, at least for six months or so. I have most of the necessary qualifications - management experience, a good understanding of economics and politics, an international view, the wisdom of years etc. etc.

There is the wee little matter of my not being a Moldovan citizen, however I'm sure that can be fixed. As Vladimir Voronin has so admirably shown us, constitutions are meant to be bent rather than observed...

So there you have it: give me the job for at least six months and let me appoint apolitical technocrats to key roles so we can sort the place out. After that you can sack us at your leisure and spend the next 3.5 years taking credit for our achievements. We won't mind, honestly. The pleasure of seeing Moldova functioning as a normal democracy with a recovering economy would be sufficient reward.

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