Monday, September 7, 2009

Ghimpu lays out his stall

Mihai Ghimpu, President of the Liberal Party & Speaker of Parliament, in an interview given to, made the following statements:

1. Yes I am a unionist (Zimbru: someone who favours reunification of Basarabia with Romania)

2. Yes I am a Romanian (Zimbru: according to the latest census 2% of Moldova's population identifies itself as Romanian, although this number is likely to increase under non-totalitarian government)

3. These are my personal positions and do not represent the policies of either the Liberal Party or the AIE.

4. The AIE's priorities are restoring democracy and reducing poverty.

So Ghimpu has stated his personal views (which, in a democracy, he has every right to do), while, at the same time, seeking to assure the Russians and the communist electorate that the AIE will not be pursuing a reunification agenda.

Ghimpu's comments have been received in quite a varied manner. Encouragingly, they have defused much of the hysteria that was being generated in the Russian press folllowing Ghimpu's election. The Russian media generally reported his statements faithfully, They now realise that what they are dealing with is not the fascist extremist caricature created by the PCRM, but instead a solid, centre-right politician whose views in many areas (foreign policy excepted) align with those of Dimitry Medvedev.

The pro-communist Moldovan press has, unfortunately, had a more predictable response. (known colloquially in Moldova as "Oh My God!" due to the incredible bias of its stories) sought to present the interview in the worst possible light, headlining their story "The Speaker will promote the idea of the liquidation of the Moldovan state".

Todercan's M1 went one up on Omega, issuing a poll (how did they organise that so quickly?) in which Moldovans expressed their indignation that the speaker of Parliament considers himself a Romanian. Funnily enough, it doesn't appear to concern the Moldovan people that large sections of the Communist Party consider themselves Russian or Ukrainian. But then again, they weren't asked that question.

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  1. Correction: Some of these comments were made in an interview with Russian radio station "Echo of Moscow". To them, Ghimpu stated the AIE's priorities as "The elimination of poverty and European integration"