Friday, September 11, 2009

A Graceless Exit

Well, today's the day. Vladimir Voronin will, at 12pm, resign as the country's interim interim president. Not in front of Parlament, as convention would dictate, but by means of a signed letter to that institution.

His resignation speech mainly focusses on the 'successes' of eight years of communist government, however in the middle of the speech appears one of the most graceless and least statesman-like paragraphs I have ever seen in such a document:

"I tell you frankly, I hand over the country's leadership to the new authorities with a heavy heart. I'll be frank: I do not believe in the ability of politicians who have made an alliance only on the basis of emotions, of the total denial and denigration of their own country, only to carve up functions, to propose a positive programme for the country. I do not believe in their ability to be a united team, to lead the state, relying on your fundamental interests, rather than on their own goals and interests. I have no experience of a successful government being based on the idea of liquidating its own country, on the aspiration to destroy it. On such ground you can only cultivate despair, despondency and the feeling of fatality. Nothing more."

Even with his 'dying breath', Voronin is keeping up the ruse of portraying the AIE as a bunch of opportunist 'anti-statalists', only out for their own benefit. Scarily, he may actually believe this to be the case.

In any case, here's a wee hint from Zimbru to the old dictator: next time you resign from something, how about wishing your successors all the best? That would be a great start on the road to winning friends and influencing people.

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  1. I missed one of the most scandalous statements - that under the communists Moldova has built up enormous monetary reserves, which is a legacy the PCRM will be passing to the incoming AIE government. The truth is that the Moldovan government doesn't have tuppence to rub together and is borrowing from commercial banks to pay its expenses.