Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Isaev mis-fires

'Communist' editor Alexander Isaev has published a list of quotes from Mihai Ghimpu on his personal site in the hope that they will discredit the new speaker. In my view they're perfectly reasonable and I appreciate his straight-talking. Here's a translation from Isaev's Russian:

«We are heading toward the EU; Russian occupants have killed our past, and continue to kill our present and future».

«It is unfair, that, due to political events, our people were divided and now live in two different states. The errors of 1918 and 1940 need to be corrected».

«Yes, I am a unionist»

«If it were not for the occupation, we would long ago have been in the European Union, and we would not have today's problems, especially the poverty. We have no economy, no language, no healthy people, and all this because of the occupation in 1940 »

«As the Poles say - Bonjour, maman!»

«If you want, I can buy a tank as well as a Mercedes» (Zimbru: Note that this one is taken completely out of context and is a response to a communist provocation)

«I will not forgive Dorin (Zimbru: Dorin Chirtoaca, the mayor of Chisinau), if he goes in the wrong direction, even if he's my nephew»

«We will picket the Embassy of Russia, until the last Russian boot is withdrawn from Transnistria»

«I regret that Russia continues to the present day her policy of occupation. This country claims to be democratic, but in reality its behavior is similar to an absolute monarchy. Russia must prove that she has finished with her past and no longer pursues policies of expansion and occupation.»


  1. PS: For Russian speakers Isaev's post is at http://isaev.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/бонжур-маман/

  2. Love the use of the Repin painting to make the Ivan the Terrible parallel after the Dorin quote. Man, that's subtle.