Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Looting Moldova

A number of quite incredible stories are coming to light regarding how leading communists are using their last scraps of power to maximise the potential for looting state assets. Some are saying that the Communists' attempts to delay the AIE from taking power weren't so much political in nature, being designed, in fact, to allow more time for assets to be 'spontaneously privatised'.

I stress that these stories are unproven allegations at this time, however there is so much smoke that the absence of a fire would be difficult to believe. Here's some of what is reported to be going on currently:

1. Parliament cannot function properly because all of the computers, photocopiers, crockery, stationery etc. has disappeared.

2. Oleg Voronin, who controls the Moldovan railway system, is rumoured to be sending rolling stock into Transnistria, to keep it our of the hands of the Moldovan government.

3. The National Bank is holding the exchange rate artificially high so that Comunist bosses can change their lei into foreign currency at a good rate and ship it out of the country.

4. Government functionaries have received orders to destroy all documents that could incriminate PCRM luminaries, in particular former Deputy PM Igor Dodon, who has been receiving multiple salaries for fictitious jobs.

5. A multi-million dollar gas pricing racket has been uncovered, under which the Gazprom-controlled MoldovaGaz used a sale and buy-back scheme to make gas imports appear more expensive than they really were (by around 50%), the excess margin being on-charged to Moldovan consumers and pocketed by leading communists.

6. The various oligopolies that have been set up in various sectors of the economy (e.g. meat packing and importing) in order to push consumer prices to artificial heights.

7. Moldtelecom and Banca de Economie have been (illegally) forced to provide funds for the restoration of Parliament and the Presidency. Remember that the reconstruction contract was awarded without tender to a company controlled by the former PCRM minister of construction, Mr Baldovich.

Unfortunately it seems that this list will just keep on growing.

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