Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rebels without a cause

Following this morning's session of Parliament, leading communists have come out with a series of declarations in which they state how unhelpful they plan to be, but without telling us why.

Turcan: The PCRM will accept a vice-speaker's post only if the AIE unblocks the situtation in Parliament.

Zimbru: Is the situation in Parliament blocked? I don't see how - motions are being voted, deputies are being appointed to committees etc.

Turcan: By deblocking, I mean the re-election of the speaker...

Zimbru: Ah, I see now - you have a problem with the romano-fascisto-extremo-righto-liberalo-unionisto Mihai Ghimpu sitting in the chair. Personally I can't see why; Ghimpu appears well acquainted with parliamentary procedure and is being very even-handed in his chairmanship.

Turcan: ...with respect for legal, democratic & constitutional norms. The Constitutional Court voted 3-3, which means that question marks remain and that the underlying issue wasn't examined.

Zimbru: The Constitutional Court voted to cease the hearing because it figured out that it didn't have jurisdiction. Parliament is responsible for setting its own procedure, by majority vote. The only question mark is why 3 of the judges tried to continue the hearing in complete disrespect for the Constitution.

Turcan: If the AIE conducts a re-election of the speaker, then the PCRM may be amenable to voting for an AIE candidate for the Presidency.

Zimbru: In other words, the PCRM wants Diacov or one of its own as Speaker and interim president so they can be spared from criminal proceedings and expropriation of their ill-gotten gains.

Tkaciuk: In April we were open for dialog...

Zimbru: Dialog with the romano-fascisto-extremo-righto-liberalo-unionistos against whom you were preparing criminal charges for inciting the violence of April 7 ?

Tkaciuk: But now Moldova is developing in a way which we can't accept

Zimbru: What in the AIE's programme can't you accept? European integration? Partnership with Russia? Membership of the CIS? All of these are communist policies as well!

Dodon: We want a head of state that will stand up for Moldova's statehood.

Zimbru: And Marian Lupu won't? By the way, wasn't it your man that officialised the presence of Russian troops on Moldova's soil for the next 20 years, violating her territorial integrity and undermining her statehood?

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