Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A resignation, sort of...

It was a day that had promised much; the first full meeting of Parliament under the leadership of the AIE. In the event the meeting was a fairly tame affair:

1. In deference to the Constitutional Court, which is yet to rule on the legality of Mihai Ghimpu's election as speaker, no decisions or laws were adopted.

2. Acting Prime Minister Grecianai and Teleradio Moldova head Todercan were summoned to Parliament to give account, however both failed to show.

3. The meeting ended up consisting of worthy but dry economic analyses and a statement designed to calm the nerves of Moldova's national minorities

The other main event of the day was the on-again off-again resignation of Vladimir Voronin. After much to-and-fro-ing, it emerged that Voronin intends to resign sometime in the next ten days or so.

The importance of this lies in two things. Firstly, Mihai Ghimpu's assumption of the interim presidency will not be challenged by Voronin, avoiding a potential constitutional crisis. Secondly, it appears that even Voronin's thick skull is now being penetrated by the realisation that the communists lost the election.

It's still too early to celebrate however. Voronin's 'resignation' speech to the party faithful as well as the communique issued after the meeting were full of fight. The PCRM is still calling the liberals names, claiming that it has a mandate to rule as the largest party and threatening to force early elections.

I will celebrate when Voronin actually signs his resignation letter, allowing the AIE to get on with the job of governing the country.

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