Thursday, September 24, 2009

The return of the law

September 23rd was a good day in Chisinau.

A criminal court decided to change the conditions under which (former presidential counsellor and liberal politician) Sergiu Mocanu's two sons are being investigated from arrest in custody to house arrest. This enabled the young men to leave the grounds of the Romanian embassy, where they have been holed up for a year, and return home. It is likely that the charges against them, widely viewed as an attempt by Voronin to intimidate Mocanu senior, will be dropped entirely.

Another court dropped the trumped-up charges pending against Anatol Caslaru, director general of the Carmez meat processing factory, allowing him to resume his function for the first time in a year. Caslaru was met at the plant by smiling, clapping employees pleased to have him back and pleased to see the back of the Voronin-backed interim management. Check out the photos at

Finally we have the curious case of Gheorghe Gorincioi, head of the audio-visual council, and his attempt to ingratiate himself with the AIE leadership by directing the REN television channel not to broadcast the "Top News" show produced by the Omega news agency. As with most things that come out of the "Oh My God" agency, "Top News" is twisted, malicious communist propaganda, however that's not the point. The point is that Omega has the right to freedom of expression, no matter how vile their "expressions" happen to be. Three leading AIE politicians - Urecheanu, Lupu and Tanase - have, to their credit, gritted their teeth and come out with statements in support of Omega's right to broadcast. It is a good indication that the new government will be committed to protecting the rights of its opponents as well as its supporters.

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