Sunday, September 13, 2009

Road Rules #2: Misbehaviour

The pro-communist press is wheeling out all sorts of corruption allegations against senior AIE figures. Some of this is reheated scuttlebut from many years ago, such as the unproven cigarette-smuggling allegations against Vlad Filat. Some is pure creation, such as the allegations that Mihai Ghimpu has somehow misappropriated government funds to repair his driveway.

Sooner or later, however, something is going to stick. While I expect the AIE leadership to be far less criminal than their communist predecessors, it would be unrealistic to think that we have 53 perfect angels in Parliament.

The alliance needs to think ahead and figure out how it will handle these situations when they arise. The mechanism they settle on will need to recognise the needs for both integrity and cohesion.

Integrity in the AIE ranks is absolutely vital if the eight years of communist wrongdoing are to be dealt with appropriately. In order to maintain credibility, the AIE will need to deal with miscreants among its own as severely as it deals with communist crimes.

Opposed to this is a need for cohesion - care should be taken so that measures taken against individual AIE politicians do not jeopardise the coalition itself.

As with the communication protocol suggestion, it would be best if a set of rules were written now for handling such an event. That way, they can be applied objectively when the need arises, without too many theatrics.

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