Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How Romania can help Moldova rebuild its economy and democracy and reassert its identity.

Romania is going through its own crisis here, so we are not really talking about financial aid.  Nonetheless, there are a number of ways Romania could help, many of which involve putting pressure on the European Union:

  1. Keep making it easier for Moldovans to get Romanian citizenship.  This will put pressure on the EU and EU members to ease their visa and work permit restrictions on Moldova.
  2. Attract EU funds for infrastructure projects linking the two countries, e.g. a new highway from Focsani to Albita, a new rail track (Romanian gauge) from Chisinau to Ungheni, fast rail services from Chisinau and Balti to Iasi, Galati & Bucuresti, a four-lane bridge over the Prut at Giurgiulesti,  a new bridge at Radauti.
  3. Interconnect social welfare systems, so that each country is able to pay pensions and other benefits to citizens of the other country living on their territory (e.g. a Moldovan living in Romania should be able to receive their Moldovan pension from the local Casa de Pensii)
  4. Allow Moldova access to Romanian markets which is as full as possible.  Reduce customs barriers to the absolute minimum possible.  In particular promote the use of Galati and Constanta as 'free ports' for  Moldovan imports and exports.
  5. Help Moldova reinstate a pluralistic media space by encouraging Romanian channels and publications to operate in the republic.
  6. Provide Romanian language teachers for rural areas where the language is not used, e.g. Gagauzia, Transnistria and the ethnic Ukrainian villages of Moldova's north.
  7. Provide technical assistance in the EU integration process, particularly in the assimilation of the acquis comunitaire.
  8. Provide diplomatic representation for Moldova in those countries where Moldova does not have a presence and Romania does.

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