Sunday, October 18, 2009

A one-horse race

The deadline for registering candidates for Friday's presidential election has expired, and the centrist Marian Lupu of the Alliance for European Integration (AIE) is the only candidate.

The formerly governing communists failed to nominate a candidate, continuing their (public) stance in favour of boycotting the election and thereby forcing fresh parliamentary elections in 2010.

While the constitution does not explicitly require a competitive vote (i.e. more than one candidate), there is some wording, for example, about the top two candidates proceeding to a second round should the first round fail to produce the required 3/5 majority.  There is also a non-binding observation by the constitutional court from several years ago promoting a competitive decision.

The question is, why didn't the AIE propose a dummy second candidate, as the communists did in the wake of the April 5th election?  The official reason, according to Dumitru Diacov of the Democratic Party, is that the AIE wants to keep its integrity and show 100% support for its candidate.  Unofficially, it doesn't hurt the AIE if the election is delayed, especially when it is due to the Communist's failure to put forward a real counter-candidate.  Ghimpu can just keep on being the interim president...

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