Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Voronin huffs and puffs, but the house doesn't fall down

Like the big bad wolf from the fairy tale, Voronin keeps trying to blow down the AIE's house, having in earlier years blown down the house of straw built by the Agrarians and the house of sticks built by the Christian Democrats.  Today he met with Democrat Party Leader Marian Lupu, apparently to offer him the communist's support to secure the Presidency in return for breaking the AIE and taking the PD into a coalition with the PCRM.

The AIE's house appears to be built of brick however (although with a few cracks apparent) and the four little pigs inside have kept themselves (and the country) safe.  Leading democrat Dumitru Diacov has restated his commitment to the alliance and leading communist Mark Tkaciuk has confirmed that the communists didn't get what they wanted out of the Voronin-Lupu meeting.

By the way, the fairy tale ends with the wolf being boiled alive in a cauldron prepared by the little pigs.  Prosecutor General Zubco is chopping the firewood as I write...

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