Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spot the Principle

The first attempt at electing Marian Lupu as President has failed after the 48 communist deputies walked out of today's session of parliament and failed to present at the urn.  61 votes are needed to elect the President and the AIE only has 53.

Voronin stated recently that the communists wouldn't vote for an AIE candidate as a matter of principle.  I guess this is revenge for the earlier boycott by the three liberal parties of the election of Zenaida Grecianai.  Then, however, the principles at stake were clear - the liberals refused to vote for the candidate of a party that had rigged an election and committed horrible acts of violence against its own citizens.

Now, however, it is really difficult to discern the 'principle' the communists are fighting for.  Marian Lupu shares many of their policy positions (e.g. neutrality, CIS membership).  He is the most popular politician in Moldova and represents the middle of the political spectrum.

I guess the PCRM will keep on harping on about the 'anti-statalist liberal dictatorship', but in reality they know this is a beat up and miles from the truth.

So where's the principle which is so important that it is worth prolonging the political deadlock for several months?  Or are we just seeing the village bully, uncomfortable with being on the losing team, deciding to walk off the field with the ball in hand?

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  1. It is really difficult to discern the 'principle' the communists are fighting for -it is a simple answer - voters. An this move is a way of keeping them close to the political party.