Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fusu unleashed

I have had the pleasure of watching Corina Fusu in action on jurnaltv, discussing the political control of Teleradio Moldova together with PCRM deputy Grigore Petrenco and a TRM representative.

Fusu had well-thought-out and well-prepared responses, to both Petrenco's propaganda and to the TRM chap's lame attempts to defend his organisation's woeful performance.  She dominated the interview and didn't allow cheap shots or untruths to go unpunished.  At times she left Petrenco floundering for words, a rare pleasure to observe.

Ms Fusu appears to be a worthy candidate for the Liberal Party leadership should Mihai Ghimpu decide to relinquish it.


  1. Not to take anything away from Ms. Fusu, but I can't imagine it to be too great a challenge to leave Petrenco floundering for words :D.

  2. Mr Petrenco rulez with Party of Communsts.I believe them!