Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Open Season

In some parts of the world there is one month a year when grown men get to wear floppy hats and rubber boots.  One month a year when they get to sit around in damp dugouts 'bonding' with each other.  One month a year when they can unleash their worst aggressive tendencies.  One month a year when the normal controls are relaxed

I refer of course to duck shooting season.

Up until yesterday, the Communists had something valuable to trade - 8 votes for the presidency.  With these eight votes, they could have bought themselves, in varying measures:

  • protection from prosecution for cimes committed
  • protection of their wealth
  • positions of power
  • implementation of certain policies
  • protection of their party's name and symbols
  • continuing influence in provincial administrations
  • Marian Lupu's twelve point plan
Now, having boycotted the vote, the communists have played their last card and now have nothing left of value to the governing coalition.  Furthermore, they have brought the four AIE parties together in a shared anti-communism.

It's now open season on the communist party and its members.  They will face the full force of the law, as they should.  The AIE will revert to its program of government, without making any concessions.  The various monopolies established by Voronin and his cronies will be unpicked.  Teleradio Moldova will be free in the very near future, following the recent appointment of 10 new members to its governing board.  Provincial members of the Communist party will defect, as will senior deputies such as Turcan and Stepaniuc.

Happy hunting, AIE.  Bag a couple for me.

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